Continua CI - v1.9.2.400 Beta Released

Hi All,

A new beta version of Continua CI has been uploaded and is available from Continua CI Downloads. The latest beta version of Continua is

New Version 1.9.2 Features

Export and Import

Administrators can now export one or more project configurations to a YAML or JSON file. This may be for backup, versioning or migration to another server. The exported files can then be imported into the same or another Continua CI server. You can choose to import over existing configurations, or to import as a new configuration. Related repositories, variables, shared resources, issue connectors and permissions can be included in the export and import process.

Requeuing Stages

Sometimes a build stage may fail due to external influences - it could be that a file server was offline, network connectivity was down, or a file was locked for access. The last stage of a completed build can now be requeued, providing that it has failed, stopped or errored, and the server workspace is intact and no files have been removed by the cleanup process.

Multiple Daily Cleanup Rules

The build cleanup functionality has been rewritten to allow individual build by-products to have different shelf lifes. Multiple cleanup rules can now be defined at each level. This allows you to, for example, clean up workspace files for a build several days before the build is removed from the build history in the database. Agent workspace files can now also be included as part of the daily clean up rules.

See Introducing Continua CI Version 1.9.2 Beta for further details.

This version also builds upon all the fixes and improvements in version 1.9.1. Any further bug fixes and improvements on version 1.9.1 will be merged into version 1.9.2

Note: You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.

Full version 1.9.2 change history