Continua CI - v1.9.2.990 Released

Hi All,

A new version of Continua CI has been released and is available from Continua CI Downloads. The latest stable version of Continua is

Changes in v1.9.2.990

  • Fix: Credentials are sent to more git commands. This is now required since blobless cloning was introduced in v1.9.2.972.
  • Fix: Issue where expressions in repository credentials fields were not being expanded in some situations.
  • Fix: Icon to toggle switch off expansion for variable values was broken.

  • Update: Minor version update for bundled PostgreSQL service to v14.5.
  • Update: Improvements to error and warning logging for DotNet Build, DotNet Publish, DotNet Restore and DotNet Pack actions.
  • Update: ‘Self-contained’ option for DotNet Build and DotNet Publish is now available when building .Net versions prior to .Net 6.
  • Update: Added a new server property “Server.Repository.PollingFrequencyInSeconds.Default” for specifying a default polling frequency for new repositories.

  • Updates to some third party packages.

Note: You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.

New version 1.9.2 features

Full version 1.9.2 change history