Continua CI - v1.9.2.580 Released

Hi All,

A new version of Continua CI has been released and is available from Continua CI Downloads. The latest stable version of Continua is

Changes in v1.9.2.580

  • Fix: Issue with Subversion repositories using externals where files could be missed due to conflict with an obstructive working copy from an external checkout in another branch.
  • Fix: Keyboard shortcuts on Wizard pages now work correctly.
  • Fix: A plug-in missing error was incorrectly logged for Teams notification publishers.

  • Update: Improvement to branch switching performance for Subversion repositories with the same external on multiple branches.
  • Update: Buttons on the Cleanup page of Project Wizard now navigate to the Manage page on completion.
  • Update: Added tooltips to buttons on Wizard pages.

  • Updates to some third party packages.

Note: You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.

New version 1.9.2 features

Full version 1.9.2 change history