Continua CI - v1.9.2.895 Released

Hi All,

A new version of Continua CI has been released and is available from Continua CI Downloads. The latest stable version of Continua is

Changes in v1.9.2.895

  • Feature: Added an option to replace all references to a variable throughout the configuration, project or application when the variable is renamed.
  • Feature: Subscriptions to build notifications can now be limited according to whether the build is started manually or by trigger. Build notifications to groups can also be restricted to the users linked to repository changesets and/or the user that started the build.
  • Feature: The HTTP Request build event handler can now be used to upload files to REST API endpoints via POST or PUT methods.

  • Update: Added options to Execute Program action for storing the exit code to a variable and also for setting variables to text matched by pattern in the program output.
  • Update: Any text in the action output which matches sensitive or password variables available to the build is now masked when written to the build log. This can be switched off using the server property Logging.MaskTextMatchingSecureVariableValues
  • Update: Default user repository mappings for each repository type are currently set to the full username including the domain. We have added a new server property Server.UserRepositoryMappings.RemoveDomainFromDefaultMappingUsernames. Set this to True to remove the domain from the default username.
  • Update: The handling of email errors has been changed so that retries only happen for transient errors such as connectivity issues.
  • Update: The Octo Push and Octo Pack actions have been updated to support parameters available in latest version.
  • Update: The self-contained field of the DotNet Publish action has been changed to a tri-state to allow omission of the --self-contained parameter.
  • Update: Added new DotNet Core property collectors for SDK versions 3.1.418, 3.1.419, 5.0.407, 5.0.408, 6.0.202, 6.0.300, 7.0.100-preview.3 and 7.0.100-preview.4; and runtime versions 3.1.24, 3.1.25, 5.0.16, 5.0.17, 6.0.4, 6.0.5, 7.0.0-preview.3 and 7.0.0-preview.4.

  • Fix: Trailing backslash was not escaped in NuGet Restore action fields.
  • Fix: Correction to masking of sensitive variables when output as system environment variables.
  • Fix: Multi-line build status was truncated when set by action or custom log message.
  • Fix: Edits to default user repository mappings were not persisted.
  • Fix: Build event handlers were not running on the build completed event when a stage was stopped by a Stop action.
  • Fix: Topographical ordering of changesets for Git repositories with a large number of changesets was taking several seconds and blocking build initialisation. This has now been sped up considerably so that it now takes only milliseconds.
  • Fix: Issue where banner settings were not cached per user.

  • Some minor UI updates and performance tweaks.
  • Updates to some third party packages.

Note: You will need to update your agents after upgrading the server to this build.

New version 1.9.2 features

Full version 1.9.2 change history