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This is one of those features we'd planned to do for ages, and customers kept asking us to make script code reuse easier.

Yesterday we announced FinalBuilder 4. I'll be trying to blog about a new feature in FB4 every day or so...

Yes, it's true, FinalBuilder 4 is about to go into beta testing, with a scheduled release near the end of November 2005.

Microsoft PDC05

Wow, it's been a hectic couple of weeks. First was Tech.Ed in Australia, and then last week we were exhibiting at the PDC05 in LA.

We're exhibiting at Microsoft Tech.Ed at the Gold Coast, Australia this week. So if you're up here for the show, stop by our booth and say hello

JediVCS - you asked for it...

A big thankyou goes out to Mathias Burbach of Maranatha Consulting for developing the FinalBuilder integration for JediVCS!

PDC and Tech.Ed

Just put some info up on our webpage for upcoming events - we'll be exhibiting at Tech.Ed Australia and PDC in LA this year.

Check it out (pun intended...) FinalBuilder now has very comprehensive integration for IBM/Rational ClearCase.

We've moved!

TheSourceGear guys are just about to move, but we beat them to it :)

I was just surfing looking for some user interface inspiration (trying to get away from modal dialogs!) and came across this interesting site