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Miha Markic, an MVP for C#, has written a couple of FinalBuilder actions

Here's a new interesting site: Working with FinalBuilder (by Intellectual mollusc), that promises Tips and Tricks with FinalBuilder.

Just a few recent mentions of FinalBuilder... :)

Aardvark DVD

Today we received our Aardvark DVD. It arrived amazingly quickly, in less than a week, and we're in Australia.

Search Engine Optimization

Came across this Search Engine Optimization article yesterday and it's quite good.

Yesterday was a pretty big day... luckily you don't have to get a major release out the door more than about once a year!

*phew* - we're almost there.Here's the download url for RC1

Great news everyone!

Probably the biggest new feature of FinalBuilder 4 is the ASync action group.

First of all, a big thankyou to all who have tried the FB4 beta and also to those people who completed our quality survey!

File Dependencies

Have you ever wished you can have your build check whether or not files have changed, so you know whether or not to rebuild? With FinalBuilder 4, you now can!