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hmm... I didn't realise that the "The Importance of Building Earnestly" article was published in Feb this year, so it's sortof old news

Quite an interesting article on CM Crossroads titled: The Importance of Building Earnestly

I just spent the last hour or so searching for a hotel near the Los Angeles Convention Center. Turns out just about everything is totally booked out

We've just finished interviewing for the Junior Programmer position at VSoft Technologies

We'll be exhibiting at Microsoft PDC'05 - September 13, 2005 - September 16, 2005 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, California.

Junior Developer

We're looking for another person to join the FinalBuilder team...

This is interesting.. Voxco, on their careers page, are currently looking for an Programmer Analyst and they list FinalBuilder as a desired skill

This is very cool.... Dilbert discovers FinalBuilder :)

Fabrice has compiled a nice list of bug tracking software. We have recently started using FogBugz here

This was not in my job description.... recording my voice... it's horrible listening to yourself speak!