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Coming up in the January 2005 (Issue 113) of The Delphi Magazine -Craig Murphy reviews Automated Build Studio and FinalBuilder

Roy Osherove has demo'ed a list of Cool Tools Every .Net Developer should be aware of at the .Net Deep Dive event; FinalBuilder is listed, very cool!

Sending MSN messages

Here's a cool utility to send MSN messages as part of your build scripts.

I've been working on adding database actions for FB3. One action is to run a stored procedure using ADO.

One of the new set of actions in FinalBuilder 3 is the support for 7Zip. 7Zip is a file archiver with a very high compression ratio

Came across this interesting comparison between FinalBuilder and WANT, it's so interesting that it needs to be translated from Chinese to English.

FinalBuilder 3 in Beta

FinalBuilder version 3.0 is currently in Beta.The beta is curretly open to existing FB2 customers.

Search Engine for Source Code

This is cool... it's a search engine where you specify the language (eg. c#, vb, delphi, etc.)

Yeah, yeah, you've heard it all before... Google Desktop Search is cool, except it needs to also search insert favourite file extension here.

A few years back, when the Open Source movement was starting to gain momentum, I remember thinking that would be the death of commercial software.