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I just sent out an email blast to FinalBuilder users with info on the latest Finalbuilder 3 beta. In the email I included a few lines of sample vbscript & javascript to illustrate a new feature in the code completion in FinalBuilder 3. The response was amazing, I have a ton of replies from spam & virus  filters telling me my email contained a worm/virus/or some other disease or was spam and was blocked.

Now excuse me for being so dumb.. but this was a plain text message, how the hell can that be deemed a worm or virus.. are email clients really that stupid that they just execute anything that looks like script? Am I missing something here? Oh, and these mail server based spam & virus filters were all well know and high priced products (I looked up a few).. I wonder if these people know how much email they are missing as a result of bad logic/over zealousness.

Oh, if you didn't get the email and you should have... you know where to look first before contacting me :)



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