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Announcing a TFS/VSO task for running FinalBuilder projects.

Today we have released an update for Team Foundation Server XAML activities for FinalBuilder 7 and 8. These updates are to deal with conflicts caused by GAC installing these activities.

In this post I go into how to integrate FinalBuilder into your TFS build process.

The Accentient Blog provided an interesting post recently comparing Team Foundation Build and FinalBuilder. It was great to see them offer an unbiased insight in to the distinctive advantages of each of these tools and it's worth a read if you're using or planning to use one or both.

We've had plenty to say over the years about the relationship between FinalBuilder and TFS/MSBuild/Team Foundation Build.

According to Google Analytics, a number of people found the FinalBuilder web site in Google search results for the query 'hate "Team Foundation Server"'. I didn't know so many people felt that way!

I plug the awesome new Team Build support in FinalBuilder 6, and I also plug a great screencast recorder called Wink.

We often hear people saying "Oh, we have Team System. We already have automated builds." The surprising thing is how many people don't realise what they're missing out on, or that FinalBuilder can integrate directly with Team System.

Some of the possibilities for using FinalBuilder in place of MSBuild for Team Foundation Build processes.

In our recent FinalBuilder customer survey, one question we asked was...