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Jason Smith
Jason Smith
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Today we release Automise 5.

Automise 5 Beta

Automise 5 had been updated to use the FinalBuilder 8 engine. It now runs faster and leaner.

Generate code coverage reports for your Delphi projects using Continua CI.

Delphi-Mocks now has a way to better control when an exception or a return value is produced for a mocked object/interface method.

Announcing a TFS/VSO task for running FinalBuilder projects.

Today we have released an update for Team Foundation Server XAML activities for FinalBuilder 7 and 8. These updates are to deal with conflicts caused by GAC installing these activities.

Simple Mocking of multiple interfaces with Delphi Mocks.

In this post I go into how to integrate FinalBuilder into your TFS build process.