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In our recent FinalBuilder customer survey, one question we asked was “What Version Control System do you currently use, or plan to use in the next 12 months”.  The question allowed mulitple answers, so the bars aren't a percentage.  I've removed the actual numbers because the relative widths of the bars is what is important.

So, here are the results:

So, interesting results, eh?  Obviously Microsoft Team System is high on the agenda for us, and looks like a lot of people will be taking a serious look at the new verison control system.

We'd expect the Subversion bar to continue to grow at a very high rate - last year when we ran a similar survey only 3% of people were using Subversion. SourceGear Vault has also grown a lot, Vault was down the bottom last year, and this year it's really moved up the rankings to just behind CVS.  Most of the other VCS's have been pretty steady.

Comments welcome.

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