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We recently surveyed the existing FinalBuilder customers, and one of the questions was “Which Version Control System do you use?”.

So, a few interesting things from these results:

a. I forgot to include Perforce (doh!) and almost all of the “Other” people specified Perforce.

b. A very high percentage are using VSS - higher than we thought.  During development of FB2 we started rewriting the VSS actions to use the VSS command line interface instead of COM - but we abandoned that because we couldn't make it backwards compatible.  We may resurect this project though, as the COM based interface to VSS can be unreliable - but any new actions would be in addition to what already exists.

c. We also have more users than we expected using FreeVCS.

d. It's interesting that nobody who answered the survey uses Accurev or Surround SCM - the nature of FB means that it's very important to support as many VCS's as possible... maybe the Accurev and Surround SCM users haven't bought FB because we don't have native support?

e. FB currently has native support for Perforce, VSS, StarTeam, CVS, QVCS, Team Coherence, and Vault - which accounts for 68% of our users.  So not too bad, but we will improve that soon :)

Your thoughts?

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