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I just posted a new article on Integrating FinalBuilder with Microsoft Team Foundation Server. The article deals with the great new Team Build integration in FinalBuilder 6.

You can now do things with FinalBuilder 6 and Team Build which are impossible to achieve with any other tool combination, and you can do it all without editing any MSBuild files at all.

Need MbUnit test statistics in your Team Build Quality Report? Do it with FinalBuilder.

Need to deploy build results via FTP? Do it with FinalBuilder.

Need to build legacy Visual Studio 2003/Delphi/C++ Builder/VB 6 projects with Team Build, and see compiler metrics in the Team Build Report? Do it with FinalBuilder.

Need smart version information management (including auto-incrementing version numbers across projects) without having to use custom C# code? Do it with FinalBuilder.

Need to do perform any of the thousands of other built-in operations, with full graphical configuration and structured logging output? Do it with FinalBuilder.

If you're interested, check out the new article here.


I also wanted to plug a great (FREE) Screencast creator called Wink, by DebugMode Software. Paul put me onto this and I used it to create the Flash videos in the article. We also have a license to an expensive commercial product, but I don't think I'll ever want to use it again now that I've found Wink.

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Terry Walker 13 years ago

That's great, I never thought about DebogMode software like that before.<br>

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