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The Accentient Blog provided an interesting post recently comparing Team Foundation Build and FinalBuilder. It was great to see them offer an unbiased insight in to the distinctive advantages of each of these tools and it's worth a read if you're using or planning to use one or both.

We've had plenty to say over the years about the relationship between FinalBuilder and TFS/MSBuild/Team Foundation Build. Naturally, we have a slight bias toward one of the tools, but if you're interested in learning more about combining the two, check out:

Finally, I must disagree with just one of Accentient's statments. The final line read:

As Team Foundation Build matures, it will likely provide a feature parity competitor to FinalBuilder, but it has some catching up to do.

As Team Foundation Build matures, it may begin to provide feature parity with FinalBuilder 5 or even 6. However, by then we'll be on to FB 7 or FB 8 and we have every intention of making sure these future versions will offer unique and useful features. Team Foundation Build will always have some catching up to do with FinalBuilder.

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