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Brent Shepherd
Brent Shepherd
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No more flash ads, ever.

In late 2008, we started a large campaign which introduced our first flash ads. Yesterday, I stopped all of our flash based ad campaigns... forever.

Nelson Wolf recently published a blog post about FinalBuilder to introduce the new action he's created for verifying that all required variables exist during run-time (a handy action!).

Within the post, he also had some interesting comments about FinalBuilder. ;-)

One of the funnier stackoverflow Q&As I've seen asked for advice on 'dealing' with those who break the build.

If you're a FinalBuilder expert available for contracting, let us know.

The Accentient Blog provided an interesting post recently comparing Team Foundation Build and FinalBuilder. It was great to see them offer an unbiased insight in to the distinctive advantages of each of these tools and it's worth a read if you're using or planning to use one or both.

We've had plenty to say over the years about the relationship between FinalBuilder and TFS/MSBuild/Team Foundation Build.

If you want to automate the deployment of ClickOnce apps in FinalBuilder, Dennis van der Stelt has posted an excellent tutorial on bloggingabout.net.

This post looks at the pervasiveness of Continuous Integration among FinalBuilder users. This is the 3rd post in a series discussing insights uncovered in the 2008 FinalBuilder survey.

This is the 2nd post in a series that discusses insights uncovered in the 2008 FinalBuilder survey. This post focuses on the most popular version control systems among FinalBuilder customers.

This is the first in a series of posts discussing insights uncovered in the 2008 FinalBuilder survey.