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Do you currently use a Continuous Integration system?

Continuous Integration among FinalBuilder Users


Since releasing the full featured FBServer in April, we’ve seen healthy growth in its adoption as a Continuous Integration Server; however, the 2008 FB Survey showed quite low adoption of Continuous Integration systems in general among FinalBuilder users.

More importantly, of those not using any CI system, 2/3’s did not intend to start using a CI system in the next 12 months!

Do you plan to start using a Continuous Integration system within the next 12 months?

Future Continuous Integration adoption amoung FinalBuilder Users

For users of an automated build tool, most of whom have free access to a very easy-to-configure Continuous Integration server, these are incredibly low proportions! I can only speculate that perhaps the benefits of CI aren’t as well known, or appreciated, as the benefits of a fully automated build and release process.



This is the 3rd post in a series discussing insights uncovered in the 2008 FinalBuilder survey.

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Brent 15 years ago

As of the 6.1 release, StarTeam is now a supported VCS. :)<br><br>You can download 6.1 any time via the usual channels. <br><br>Enjoy!

LSondergaard 15 years ago

Add StarTeam as supported for Continuous Integration and we will start using it :-)

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