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FinalBuilder has had an NUnit action for some time now, but for DUnit we have always advocated just compiling the unit test executable as a console app using the TextTestRunner, and using the Execute Program action. This has worked fine, however it doesn't provide the same sort of integration into FinalBuilder Server as the NUnit action provides.

FinalBuilder or later includes a new DUnit action. This action is designed to run DUnit test applications that are written as console apps, and use the FinalBuilder.XMLTestRunner.pas file to run the unit tests. This unit produces and xml report file in the same format as NUnit, which means that FinalBuilder already knows how to parse it. Also included in the FinalBuilder\DUnit folder is an XSL stylesheet and a CSSĀ file to transform the xml report file to html (which can be done using the TransformXML action. The FinalBuilder.XMLTestRunner is a combination of the xml test runner and the text test runner. It still writes out to the console (which the action sends to the FinalBuilder log) and it also writes the xml report file.

When the DUnit action is used under FinaBuilder Server 7.x - the DUnit results are shown on the Status page :

and in a separate tab on the Build Log page :

The Passes and Failures can be inspected by clicking on the green or red buttons.

The FinalBuilder\DUnit folder also includes a simple example test application which shows how to structure your test executable to use the FinalBuilder.XMLTestRunner.

FinalBuilder is available - disclaimer - please note it is a Test build, which means it's a build which contains bug fixes and or new features since the last official update, but has not had the same testing applied to it as an official update build would.

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Tomasz Kosinski 13 years ago

Will be nice to have a separate action just to parse XML and interpret it as NUnit/DUnit results. For example I run a separate cron NUNit action on Linux/Mono and want to integrate results in a FB project

Piotr Rezmer 13 years ago

So far so good, this new action works fine so far, good work. I've tested it on simple DUnit skeleton for project that will be launched in near future. I really like the ability to view test results directly in web browser; very neat.<br>

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