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Angus Gratton
Angus Gratton
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A quick example of the new Python script support in FinalBuilder.

According to Google Analytics, a number of people found the FinalBuilder web site in Google search results for the query 'hate "Team Foundation Server"'. I didn't know so many people felt that way!

FinalBuilder is written in a combination of Delphi and C#. This is a blog post about a Delphi RTL threading issue that I recently ran into and had to work around.

Brent was watching me fly through some FinalBuilder operations the other day and he suggested I write a blog post about the best keyboard shortcuts to use.

A quick outline of the new Output Monitors feature in FinalBuilder 6, with a sample project - checking if a file is open on a remote machine. Makes use of the excellent SysInternals tools.

Part Three of a series on PowerShell support in FinalBuilder 6. This post walks through creating a simple custom action, implemented entirely in PowerShell.

Part Two of a series on PowerShell support in FinalBuilder 6. This post shows how to use PowerShell to substantially customize the behaviour of a built-in action.

The power of the PowerShell one-liner, and it's ability to customize FinalBuilder builds. The first in a series on the PowerShell support in FinalBuilder 6.

I plug the awesome new Team Build support in FinalBuilder 6, and I also plug a great screencast recorder called Wink.

I just posted a new tech article about the FinalBuilder 6 .NET Custom Action API. If you've ever done any custom action development with .NET, then I strongly suggest you check this out.