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According to Google Analytics statistics for the past month, a number of people found the FinalBuilder web site in Google search results for the query hate "Team Foundation Server"

I didn't know so many people felt that way!

(For the record, we think that FinalBuilder complements Team Foundation Build in very productive ways.)

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Rob 12 years ago

I have to agree with the TFS-haters. It's awful. Of all its annoyances, though, the inability to just get code to look at or build without a checkout is the worst.<br><br>I have no idea of whether or not the CM people at my workplace have structured the repository in the best way but a simple get the other day to build a small utility took half an hour and performed hundreds of checkouts (no need to change anything). I have no idea why stuff was checked out and had no desire to check anything in (I don't really want to diff dozens of prj files to make sure something hadn't changed). Selecting "Undo pending changes" ate up more than an hour - and I still had dozens of "changes".<br><br>I wonder if they use TFS at Microsoft?<br><br>We were a Subversion shop - why we changed is a mystery to me.

Andy Foreman 12 years ago

Team Foundation Server is, simply put, like trying to clean your fingernails with a Backhoe. Large, complex, powerful and COMPLETELY inappropriate for the job. The MS documentation for Team Foundation Server is larger than the complete history of the world, and about as useful as a hot date with a nun.<br><br>In the pantheon of Microsoft's overblown, overdone, uselessly documented applications, TFS stands alone as the worst piece of digital excrement ever produced out of Redmond.<br><br>Ask any Microsoft employee; "If you had to travel one block to your corner store, which would be better, a skateboard or the Space Shuttle?" and they will answer, the Space Shuttle. Why? They LOVE complexity, LOVE over-doing things, ABHOR simplicity, and have NO perception to understand that in many endevours (such as going to the corner store) SIMPLE IS BETTER!<br><br>TFS is a software abomination.<br><br><br>

Andrew Wheeler 13 years ago

I have worked with many tools, hand tools, power tools, cooking tools, and various computer OS's and computer programs all in a professional capacity. I think a good tool is marked by the attribute that it does a job well, does not force the user to work in a certain way i.e it is adaptable to the users way of working. TFS fails in all areas:<br>1. It is accessible only through the IDE (at our shop)<br>2. It does not allow one to work disconnected easily.<br>3. It forces file checkout even when I just want to experiment causing several embarrassing errors.<br>4. I could not find a way to roll back a checkin.<br>5. Like all of Microsoft's program files the help system sucks.<br><br>That is off the top of my head and probably does not scratch the surface. I am sure there are those who love TFS and I congratulate them for their good fortune, after all if you need to use a screwdriver all day it is best if you find the tool effective in helping you accomplish your goals.

Mookie Wilson 14 years ago

The most profound moment of my day would involve taking a hammer to our beloved TFS server. Hate does not describe the emotion i am striken with after each and every 'Get Latest' destroys thirty minutes of my day.<br><br>hate, kill.<br>

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