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In our recent FinalBuilder customer survey, one question we asked was...

Would you like part of your build process to be famous? FinalBuilder advertises in the MSDN magazine which has a readership of over 70,000 people.

Here's the result of one of the questions in the recent FinalBuilder customer survey we ran.

We're currently conducting a survey of existing FinalBuilder customers.

Ada for .Net

Well, this is mildly interesting.... there is now Ada for .Net, and they're calling it A#

FinalBuilder has had pretty basic Perforce integration for quite a long time.

FinalBuilder has been able to send HTML emails for some time, but it's not as flexible as some users required.

I spent the last few days playing with VS 2005, testing the VS.NET support in Finalbuilder 3

Kenji Obata from XenoCode has just moved his build process to FinalBuilder

One of the difficult issues we face as a small isv, is managing growth. The fact is we are growing and our customer base is expanding, which is great