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FinalBuilder 4 beta quality survey

We have just put together a very quick survey (which should take only a minute or two to fill out) regarding the quality of the FinalBuilder 4 beta.

FB4 is now ready for a public beta, yay!

We did a lot of work on the build engine for FinalBuilder 4, mainly in the area of performance.

In FinalBuilder 3, when a build runs you have two options as far as live logging goes: on or off

We've added yet another cool usability enhancment for FinalBuilder 4 - the Project tab.

The FinalBuilder console is now available in both the Standard and Professional edtions of FinalBuilder 4

Property Sets is a huge new feature in FinalBuilder 4. It's a real time saver and improves the readability and maintainability of your build process!

FinalBuilder 4 - more on Async Action Groups

FinalBuilder 4 can now automatically load and store the value of a variable.

FinalBuilder 4 now allows the owner of the project to set an Edit Password.