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Diagnose WMI problems

Microsoft have just released WMIDiag.

Any non-trivial software project can benefit from a standardised, formal build process. Delivering quality software requires that you have a quality process for producing the deliverables.

Wow... this very cool! It's a visual regular expression evaluator called Reanimator

Thomas Huijer has just released an action: WebSiteCheck

We market FinalBuilder as a tool for software developers to automate their build process.

Yahoo's Javascript Library

Not very FinalBuilder related, but Yahoo have released their JavaScript library (under the BSD license). Very cool stuff indeed...

Subversion is a bit of a learning curve for most people, but is a very popular and capable Version Control System which happens to be opensource.

You dont need to be Part of an Agile team to be Agile - You just need the tools.

Extracting stuff out of MSI files

I know this little utility will be useful for a lot of those people out there using MSI - It allows you to extract the contents of a .msi file.

We've recently added the ability to send SMS's in FinalBuilder using the ICQ network.