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FinalBuilder 4 introduces a new feature: Estimated Progress.

Vincent Maraia's (vincem) book "The Build Master - Microsoft's Software Configuration Management Best Practices has just shipped.

This is a great new little feature: if a build fails, you can fix the problem and then continue the build without resetting the log.

For FinalBuilder 4 we wanted to add a new view of the build process as it runs

Ready for another installment of what's new? There's plenty more we've got up our sleeve, so keep tuned :)

Last week we announced on our newsgroups that the Free Upgrade period started on Oct 1 2005

FinalBuilder 4 adds a new action which makes it easier to find text in either a file or a FinalBuilder variable.


I've also been working on a FinalBuilder plugin for the open source continuous integration tool, CruiseControl.NET.

New XML Actions

New XML Actions in FinalBuilder 4

This is one of the best new features in FinalBuilder 4, and here is the action that represents it..