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Nice (mini) review of FinalBuilder

Check out what Tim Heuer has to say about FinalBuilder.

Jake Lawlor mentions on his blog a whole bunch of Agile patterns and practices to choose from when crafting your development processes.

Where am I?

Check out the BlogMap! Interesting idea, wish I could zoom my map out a bit so it doesn't look like I live in the middle of no-where!

What's been going on?

Appart from the xmas break, we've been polishing and polishing and polishing FinalBuilder 3.

Ok, things have been very quiet from me lately (well, at least on this blog). We have just undergone some company restructuring..

I just sent out an email blast to FinalBuilder users with info on the latest Finalbuilder 3 beta. In the email I included a few lines of sample script.


Well, we've added more installers to FinalBuilder 3: Hopefully whatever you use we've got it covered :)

Billy Hollis had some good things to say about FinalBuilder on the Nov 29 .NET Rocks show. (at 1hr 13:30).

Just beefed up the Vault support in FinalBuilder 3.0. FB3 adds support the Diff command and GetDiffLabel commands from Vault 3.0

Variables enhancements in FB3

We've made a lot of cool changes in FinalBuilder 3 with variables.This particular enhancement makes it easier to edit expressions