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FinalBuilder 3.1 is out

We've finally got our new server up-and-running, YAY!

Office Re-org

We've spend most of today re-organising the office. The office isn't too big, and we're getting ready to expand and so need to squeeze more desks in.

Roy Osherove (of ISerializable) praises FinalBuilder 3 on his blog...

The review is at: http://www.larkware.com/Reviews/FinalBuilder3.html

Hmmm, someones certainly has too much time on their hands, they've written a video game in ANT.

Resize Firefox search bar

I've always wanted to resize the search bar in Firefox. By default it's a bit small and I didn't want to waste any more space

Nice (mini) review of FinalBuilder

Check out what Tim Heuer has to say about FinalBuilder.

Jake Lawlor mentions on his blog a whole bunch of Agile patterns and practices to choose from when crafting your development processes.

Where am I?

Check out the BlogMap! Interesting idea, wish I could zoom my map out a bit so it doesn't look like I live in the middle of no-where!