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More Tech.Ed thoughts.

It's damn boring when the sessions are on. Blah, blah, blah....

Tech.Ed Aussie style day 1

Well, the amount of people here is amazing. We thought there was a lot on Day 0.... but geez.... multiply that by about 3...!

Tech.Ed Australia Day 0

The exhibition might have only been open for half a day (3pm to 8pm) but I'm stuffed already.

The best build tool by far!

Best Build Tool. This is a brand new category, so no one knew what to expect. What happened was a blowout, with FinalBuilder taking 79% of the vote.

At last, a major conference in the city where I live (Canberra, Australia)! No 12hr flights, no cramped seats only big enough for midgets

Awards (again)

Patric just blogged about the three Delphi Informant Magazine awards which AtoZed won

We recently surveyed the existing FinalBuilder customers, and one of the questions was “Which Version Control System do you use?”.

As well as being a 3-day-a-week programmer for FinalBuilder, I also do the odd bit of consulting

It's time for Microsofts developer conference in Australia.

Everyone's on vacation it seems... I just sent out an email blast to registered FinalBuilder users