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FinalBuilder now uses WebDAV as an optional way to update a VisualStudio.NET web projects' Assembly Info. Sounds rather simple, huh?

Something I get asked quite often with regards to FinalBuilder is why don't I rewrite it in a .NET language, that way anyone could write plugins.


Icons are a real pain for us developers - so why do we use them so much?

Last week I had a call from the company that sells the accounting package I use

How does one test the usability of the magnificient UI you've just created?

Thinking about Lino and his gang, how could I forget Lino at his best from BorCon 2003

The Australian Delphi User's Group recently had a “Mini BorCon” - The Delphi .NET Conference.

I mentioned in an earlier post about a book I had on order called Coder to Developer - by Mike Gunderloy

Late Introduction

Ok, I better introduce myself....

FinalBuilder user Steve Troxell posted this on the newsgroup.. the kind of post that makes the effort and time to develop FinalBuilder all worthwhile