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Icons are a real pain for us developers - so why do we use them so much?

Last week I had a call from the company that sells the accounting package I use

How does one test the usability of the magnificient UI you've just created?

Thinking about Lino and his gang, how could I forget Lino at his best from BorCon 2003

The Australian Delphi User's Group recently had a “Mini BorCon” - The Delphi .NET Conference.

I mentioned in an earlier post about a book I had on order called Coder to Developer - by Mike Gunderloy

Late Introduction

Ok, I better introduce myself....

FinalBuilder user Steve Troxell posted this on the newsgroup.. the kind of post that makes the effort and time to develop FinalBuilder all worthwhile

Configuration Management Books

I've just started to use FeedDemon from Bradbury Software to read blogs... very nice piece of software I must say.