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It's time for Microsofts developer conference in Australia.

Everyone's on vacation it seems... I just sent out an email blast to registered FinalBuilder users

Today we released the FinalBuilder 2.7 update.

We've been getting an increasing amount of email enquiring about the future of FinalBuilder since Microsoft announced Visual Studio Team System

The Delphi Informant Magazine's Reader's Choice Awards 2004 ae open for voting, please show your support for FinalBuilder by casting a vote for it.

FinalBuilder now uses WebDAV as an optional way to update a VisualStudio.NET web projects' Assembly Info. Sounds rather simple, huh?

Something I get asked quite often with regards to FinalBuilder is why don't I rewrite it in a .NET language, that way anyone could write plugins.


Icons are a real pain for us developers - so why do we use them so much?

Last week I had a call from the company that sells the accounting package I use

How does one test the usability of the magnificient UI you've just created?