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Today we released the FinalBuilder 2.7 update. You can download load it here. This is a Free update for all existing registered FinalBuilder 2.x users.

So what's new in 2.7

FinalBuilder 2.7 adds some new Flow Control type actions which make it much easier to create a dynamic build process.


The most significant of the new actions are the Try/Catch/Finally action, which enable structured exception handling just like you have in many programming languages. The image below shows how they can be used to create localised error handling.

The Try/Catch/Finally actions also need an End action to complete the block and they all need to be at the same node level in the tree to form a valid block. You can also nest the Try/Catch/Finally blocks, and they can be used in Try/Catch/Finally/End or Try/Catch/End or Try/Finally/End constructs.


The Switch/Case/Else actions provide a selector construct using simple case insensitive string comparisons.

The Case Action must be a child of the Switch Action, the same goes for the Else. Note that the Else can also be used with the If..Then action :

When used with the If..Then action the Else action must be the next sibling action of the If..Then action. Another new action is the “If Previous Action Failed” action. This action will only work if it's previous sibling action has Ingnore Failure enabled (otherwise the build would stop).

FinalBuilder 2.7 installs some examples that show the use of the above actions in the FinalBuilder2\Examples\Flow Control folder.


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