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I've been working on adding database actions for FB3. One action is to run a stored procedure using ADO.

One of the new set of actions in FinalBuilder 3 is the support for 7Zip. 7Zip is a file archiver with a very high compression ratio

Came across this interesting comparison between FinalBuilder and WANT, it's so interesting that it needs to be translated from Chinese to English.

FinalBuilder 3 in Beta

FinalBuilder version 3.0 is currently in Beta.The beta is curretly open to existing FB2 customers.

Search Engine for Source Code

This is cool... it's a search engine where you specify the language (eg. c#, vb, delphi, etc.)

Yeah, yeah, you've heard it all before... Google Desktop Search is cool, except it needs to also search insert favourite file extension here.

A few years back, when the Open Source movement was starting to gain momentum, I remember thinking that would be the death of commercial software.


Nick Bradbury, who created the most excellent TopStyle and FeedDemon, uses FinalBuilder for his builds.


Introducting TeamFB (Team FinalBuilder). TeamFB members are FinalBuilder users who have demonstrated their excellent knowledge of FinalBuilder

We recently had a bug report in the Vault support of FinalBuilder. The bug was that if SSL encrypted client to server communication was enabled...