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Nick Bradbury, who created the most excellent TopStyle and FeedDemon, uses FinalBuilder for his builds.


Introducting TeamFB (Team FinalBuilder). TeamFB members are FinalBuilder users who have demonstrated their excellent knowledge of FinalBuilder

We recently had a bug report in the Vault support of FinalBuilder. The bug was that if SSL encrypted client to server communication was enabled...

Ok, this is pretty off-topic.... but is quite funny. This conversation just took place at one of the places where I do a bit of consulting work.

Tate & I are sitting here at San Fransicso Intl airport (waiting for a flight back to Australia), I'm connected via the T-Mobile hotspot

Heading home

We're all heading home after a pretty busy conference. Vincent and I are waiting in San Francisco airport trying to catch up with email, newsgroups.

Roy mentions a bunch of programs that he can't live without - and FinalBuilder gets a mention!

Ok, it's all starting to blur a bit now - and it's not because last night was a bit of a heavy one... well maybe that is the reason.

The AtoZed Booth

So, it's BorCon Day 2 now. Day 1 was a bit of a non-event really (as far as an exhibitor goes)... just the opening ceremony in the evening.

Well worth the read....