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Ok, this is pretty off-topic.... but is quite funny. This conversation just took place at one of the places where I do a bit of consulting work.

Tate & I are sitting here at San Fransicso Intl airport (waiting for a flight back to Australia), I'm connected via the T-Mobile hotspot

Heading home

We're all heading home after a pretty busy conference. Vincent and I are waiting in San Francisco airport trying to catch up with email, newsgroups.

Roy mentions a bunch of programs that he can't live without - and FinalBuilder gets a mention!

Ok, it's all starting to blur a bit now - and it's not because last night was a bit of a heavy one... well maybe that is the reason.

The AtoZed Booth

So, it's BorCon Day 2 now. Day 1 was a bit of a non-event really (as far as an exhibitor goes)... just the opening ceremony in the evening.

Well worth the read....

BorCon 2004 - Day 0

Vincent and I flew in from Australia today to San Fransisco... it was a rather long flight, especially being cramped in "toilet class"

Automating Code Signing

Matthew Jones has a great article on the basics of Code Signing. And, of course, To actually sign the code, I used FinalBuilder

Longhorn FAQ

With Microsofts recent announcements of Longhorn in 2006, WinFS, Avalon, etc, I found this FAQ quite informative.