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Heading home

We're all heading home after a pretty busy conference.  Vincent and I are waiting in San Francisco airport trying to catch up with email, newsgroups etc.  We appologise to everyone if our newsgroup and email support has been a bit slow over the last week.  Today was spent doing the tourist thing around SF, I managed to take 101 photos over a 5 hour period - not bad eh?

Skype.  Awesome product. Vincent blogged about it before.  Pretty much the whole AtoZed team use it, and we all love it.  I've been able to talk to my family at home (in Australia) at length and not have to worry about how much it's going to cost.  30 minute skype calls are the norm and don't cost a cent (it's pc to pc of course).  Last year was a different story, we'd make very quick phone calls using mobile (cell) phones with global roaming - each call would cost way too much.

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