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Ok, this is pretty off-topic.... but is quite funny.  This conversation just took place at one of the places where I do a bit of consulting work.  The person's name has been changed to Joe... to protect their identity (and it's not Vincent or any of the AtoZed team). Enjoy.

4:11:56 PM tate: Joe, do you still need the tlb stuff checked out?
4:12:07 PM Joe.: yes
4:12:12 PM tate: how long?
4:13:36 PM Joe.: 5 mins to longer, I thought I knew what I wanted, to add, but upon closer inspection, I am not sure, so, if you need it, I can check it back in
4:13:52 PM tate: i can wait 5 minutes.
4:13:58 PM Joe.: to longer?
4:14:13 PM tate: to longer?
4:14:41 PM Joe.: ok 5 mins
4:15:08 PM tate: Google: No definitions were found for "to longer"
4:15:29 PM Joe.: checked in.
4:15:32 PM tate: ta :)


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