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Yeah, yeah, you've heard it all before... Google Desktop Search is cool, except it needs to also search .  When the desktop search first came it, it did sound cool... but was so lacking in what it can search, I never bothered.

Well, today I finally installed Google Desktop Search, but only because I read Dan Miser's blog about it -> there's a hack to allow searching for *.pas, *.dpr, and *.cs files (instead of .cgi, .py and .pl files). 

And, I do like it.  Searching is instantaneous, results looks nice and familiar, and it just works :)  It's also very cool how when you're searching the web (using Google) it also lists any desktop search hits on the top of the search page too.

Of course, a post about Google Desktop Search wouldn't be complete without the list of things I wished it searched, so here we go:

  • PocoMail .mbx mail files (plain text, and I think are in a standard RFC format?)
  • Miranda IM conversations

See, I'm not too demanding, am I?!

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