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Coming up in the January 2005 (Issue 113) of The Delphi Magazine - Craig Murphy reviews Automated Build Studio (from AutomatedQA) and FinalBuilder (from VSoft Technologies): which is the best tool to help you make your software builds as painless as possible?

This one will be worth a read :)

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Praveen 17 years ago

Hi,<br> I am really searching for how to fetch the version number(major, minor,revision) of VB6.0 in delphi.<br><br>I am able to fetch the version number of DLL file by 'fileinfoversion' . But i am not able to fetch VB 6.0 which can be viewed in vb by right click on vb project properties-->make-->version.<br><br>In VB i am able access by App.major but i cant do that in delphi .Just give me a code snippet for this problem<br><br>praveen.smyl@gmail.com

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