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FinalBuilder now uses WebDAV as an optional way to update a VisualStudio.NET web projects' Assembly Info.  Sounds rather simple, huh? Not as simple at it should be IMHO...  The most annoying part of WebDAV is all the IIS security around it - it takes hours to figure out why certain files can't be uploaded or downloaded.  Most of the doco out there regarding WebDAV and IIS security is how to lock it all down to prevent unauthorised access; there's virtually nothing which tells you how to open things up a bit so it's easier for developers to update their files (from a non-Microsoft tool at least).

Which brings me to my next (rambling) point - it seems that when MS uses WebDAV (and it seems they use it quite a bit with things like Exchange and VS.Net) it all just works perfectly and without the user even knowing it's WebDAV under the covers... MS-2-MS stuff works quite nicely thankyou.  But it's when a 3rd parties want to speak WebDAV to MS that things get a bit hairy.... I'll leave it at that, I feel better now ;)

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