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BorCon 2004 - Day 0

Vincent and I flew in from Australia today to San Fransisco... it was a rather long flight, especially being cramped in “toilet class” (ie. the very back of the plane).  I managed to get a little sleep, and Vincent a bit less than that!

Here is the entrance (well, exit for us) of the airpot:

And then we stood back and admired the wonderful view:

I'm not sure how I managed to take a photo without a car, pickup, or taxi getting in the way... pure luck I spose.

So, after taking a shuttle bus from San Fransisco to San Jose (about an hour south) we checked into the hotel and went and found the conference centre:


It is setting up day today (and tomorrow) for the vendor area - and this is how it starts out:

That's all for today, too tired... must sleep.

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