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I spent the last few days playing with VS 2005, testing the VS.NET support in Finalbuilder 3. If you are trying to build VS2005 Beta 2 projects with the current build of FinalBuilder you will run into problems which are due to the changes between Beta 1 & 2. Since we've only just got our hands on the beta (like every one else), it's going to take us a while to get to grips with it, understand how it works under the hood and figure out what we need to do. We've made a start, and the information below is based on a preliminary review of Beta 2.


The good news is you can still use the current build of FinalBuilder with VS 2005 Beta 2 but it needs some gentle persuasion.


The "Build VS.NET Solution" action works (I only tested .net apps, not C++), however it doesn't parse the available configs correctly as the solution file format has changed slightly. Configs in the solution file look something like this : "Debug|.NET" - just select the config you want then trim of the |.NET part and it should build fine. Updating Assembly info works, but not for ASP.NET 2.0 projects. ASP.NET seems to have the most changes, and we'll need some time to understand how they fit together and what we can do with them. To precompile ASP.NET 2.0 applications, use the MSBuild action and use the solution file as the project file (interesting that msbuild knows about solution files even though it's not part of vs). Compiling an asp.net application in VS2005 seems to be just a syntax check from what I can see, no binaries are produced.


The "C#/VB.NET/J# Project Compiler" actions will not work at all with VS2005 Beta 2 Projects. The reason for this is that the project file formats (csproj,vbproj,vjsproj) have changed and are not at all backwards compatible. The good news is the files are really just msbuild files, and you can build them quite easily with the MSBuild Action.


While it's early days still, and Microsoft may still make further changes to file formats, where they live etc (although I hope they don't!), we plan on getting the VS2005 Beta 2 support done asap. The "Build VS.NET Solution" action needs some tweaking. For asp.net 2.0 projects, we'll be creating a new action for pre-compiling them. We will also be creating new actions that are the equivalent of the "C#/VB.NET/J# Project Compiler" actions, they will leverage the work we have already done on the MSBuild action.


Stay Tuned!

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