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FinalBuilder has had pretty basic Perforce integration for quite a long time.  But since we offer excellent integration with Visual SourceSafe, Team Coherence, CVS, Subversion, Surround SCM, Vault, QVCS, and StarTeam, we thought it was about time to upgrade the Perforce support. (Oh, and  ComponentSoftware RCS is supported using the plugin written by Martin Rothschink

So, here's a nice screen pic of the upgraded Perforce integration:

The actions are still being tweaked and documented, but will be available very soon.

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Dave 17 years ago

Thanks for the reply Tate, loving the product so far. I'll check the Perforce commands , otherwise like you said just run under a scheduled task.


Tate 17 years ago

Hi David,

I'm pretty sure you could do what you want using the sync action as it reports what files were sync'ed. So, you could schedule FB to run every hour or so, do a sync, and if any files were synced continue with the build, otherwise stop the build.

There may also be other p4 command you could use to detect change in the depot without actually sync'ing, but not too sure. If you want, you can check out the perforce actions in the trial version of FinalBuilder - download from here:

David 17 years ago

Can final builder communicate with perforce and check if a new version of a file has been submitted to the depot? If so sync it and do a rebuild?

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