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Here's the result of one of the questions in the recent FinalBuilder customer survey we ran.

Need I say more??? Yeah... while I'm at it here are some of the comments that people left:

“Friends don't let friends build with anything else.“  (this is my favourite one...)

“I think FinalBuilder is an excellent product and it has revolutionised the way I handle builds. Congratulations on a superb product!“

“Well done to the developers, FB saves me a great deal of time & ensures that builds are done consistently every time.”

“FB team has spoiled us. I find I now get frustrated at other vendors when they don't respond in such timely fashion as your goodselves. Keep up the good work!“

“A brilliant product which I use simply because it saves me hours of time and makes it easy to use as a backup tool as well. As a one person business my time is everything. Well done.“

“This is fantastic software, you can tell the developers really believe in their product. I cannot rate it high enough, well done.“

“Great system! Keep up the good work!”

“FB has helped us very much to organize and optimize the build process. Now, everyone can build, even if the "build master" is out of office!”

“FinalBuilder is great.”

“I love your product. Thank you.”

“We rely on FinalBuilder pretty heavily - it's a great product. Keep up the good work!”

“Awesome interface and tons of functionality. Great tool”

“Great product, great price. It has saved me many hours.“

And that's just the tip of the iceberg :)


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