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What's been going on?

Well, Vincent and I have been very quiet for the last month-and-a-half (on our blogs at least...)

Appart from the xmas break, we've been polishing and polishing and polishing FinalBuilder 3. It's been feature complete for quite some time now and it's certainly shaping up to be the most stable release yet! The major holdup for the release of FB3 is not FB3 itself, but the reimplementation of the backend customer systems. With the amount of customers who have bought FB1, FB2 Developer (with or without Software Assurance) and FB3 Enterprise (with or without Software Assurance) there are quite a few permutations of possible upgrades to FB3 Std (with or without Software Assurance) or FB3 Pro (with or without Software Assurance).

Also, there was a requirement to fully automate the order system as well as provide a better means for customers to view and download their keys. So, the new backend system deals with upgrades of existing customers automatically as well as a much better way for us to handle orders. There has also been some company changes... as you may have noticed FinalBuilder is no longer part of AtoZed Software. I won't go into the reasons etc, but we still have a very close relationship with AtoZed Software and we're still friends with the guys over there too :)

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