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I just spent the last hour or so searching for a hotel near the Los Angeles Convention Center. Turns out just about everything anywhere nearby is totally booked out for PDC. I'm not too fussy about hotels(well, within reason), we'll be kinda busy and I really just need somewhere to sleep. But I do require high speed internet access, either wifi or wired, preferably in my room. I use Skype a lot when I travel, saves a fortune on phone calls. I booked at the Best Western Dragon Gate Inn (about 2 miles/3km from the convention center), it was the closest we could find that had rooms and that says it has highspeed internet access. It's Wifi but I guess thats better than nothing.  

Oh, and when you are looking at hotels and distances to the convention center, Google Maps is your friend! It's “The best thing since sliced bread!”TM

I'm going to keep trying to find something closer but it's not looking good at the moment. So if you are going to PDC and haven't booked a hotel, and you want to be reasonably close then start looking.  


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