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We market FinalBuilder as a tool for software developers to automate their build process.  So we support compilers, version control systems, installation tools, etc, etc - we try to cover a very broad range of tools so people new to FinalBuilder have coverage of pretty much everything they use.

But really, FinalBuilder is just a platform with a whole bunch of plugins - it's a very general purpose tool which can do pretty much anything you want to.  In many ways it's as flexible as programming languages (it supports loops, error handling, conditions, sub-procedures, etc) but on the other hand it is easy to learn and can be easily used by non-developers.  The whole “development environment” is visual - you simply find an icon which represents what you want to do (eg. read a text file) and plonk it in the right place.  Using FinalBuilder for things other than building software is not a new idea, we have many customers who use FB for all sorts of different stuff like backing up files, creating development environments for new team members, and the list goes on.

Anyway - I found this very interesting blog [Mikester's Blog] this morning which describes how FinalBuilder was used as a Code Generator (that's gotta be a first!).  Here's the first post about it which describes how he gets the idea, and the second post goes on to describe the enormous benefits which were realised by using FinalBuilder to do the code generation.

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