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Yes, it's true, FinalBuilder 4 is about to go into beta testing, with a scheduled release near the end of November 2005.

I've been pretty quiet on the blog scene lately, mainly because all of the things I wanted to blog about were cool new FinalBuilder 4 features, but we didn't want to announce FB4 too early (for lots of reasons).  So, now I'm free to tell you about the cool new stuff in FB4 - hopefully I'll cover something new every day or every second day.  Also, PDC05 and Tech.Ed were pretty busy for us... when you don't have a dedicated marketing & sales team everything is up to the developers...

Initially all our existing customers will receive an email for the FB4 beta download (in the next few days), and once we're happy with the stability we'll open it up to the general public.  TeamFB members have already had FB4 for a few days and it's looking pretty solid already.  There have been some mammoth changes to the core, so this is pretty encouraging :)

One thing we weren't planning on spending much time on during the development of FB4 was ActionStudio (AS), but we have recently been using AS a lot ourselves as heaps of the new actions are written with AS (ie. dogfooding...).  I'm pleased to say that AS is now even easier to use, supports some cool new features such as common property pages, global script, common images control; and we've fixed up lots of minor usability issues and bugs.

Anyway, gotta update the website now... stay tuned for more FB4 new stuff.

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