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Yesterday we announced FinalBuilder 4.

I'll be trying to blog about a new feature in FB4 every day or so... this is the first in the series :)

What's new in FinalBuilder 4 - Automatic Action Retry

FinalBuilder 4 now includes the option to allow actions to retry automatically if they fail.  A maximum retry limit can be set as well as the wait time between retries.  This can be useful if a particular action has a tendency to fail but might succeed if it is re-run.  An example of this might be a network resource failing the first time, but the second time the network resource might be available.  The retry option is available for every action in FinalBuilder 4.

Here is a screen pic of the property dialog showing the new retry options:

Obviously, after the 3rd retry and the action still fails, then it will stop retrying and fail the action as per usual.  If a retry is successful, then the build continues on as the action does finally report success.

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