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This is the first in a series of posts discussing insights uncovered in the 2008 FinalBuilder survey.

The FinalBuilder team spoke with Steve ‘Sly’ Williams to learn more about how Krome Studios use FinalBuilder to effectively automate their builds. What they discovered is that by helping to simplify the automation process for building games, FinalBuilder provides significant competitive advantages for Krome Studios.

A quick example of the new Python script support in FinalBuilder.

According to Google Analytics, a number of people found the FinalBuilder web site in Google search results for the query 'hate "Team Foundation Server"'. I didn't know so many people felt that way!

FinalBuilder is written in a combination of Delphi and C#. This is a blog post about a Delphi RTL threading issue that I recently ran into and had to work around.

Brent was watching me fly through some FinalBuilder operations the other day and he suggested I write a blog post about the best keyboard shortcuts to use.

In FinalBuilder 6, we have done a lot of work to improve the log output formatting. In particular, we wanted to make it easier to find errors, warnings in compiler output.

A quick outline of the new Output Monitors feature in FinalBuilder 6, with a sample project - checking if a file is open on a remote machine. Makes use of the excellent SysInternals tools.

Part Three of a series on PowerShell support in FinalBuilder 6. This post walks through creating a simple custom action, implemented entirely in PowerShell.

Part Two of a series on PowerShell support in FinalBuilder 6. This post shows how to use PowerShell to substantially customize the behaviour of a built-in action.