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Nelson Wolf recently published a blog post to introduce the new FinalBuilder action he'd developed. The action checks that all required variables for a project are available at run-time. Quite a handy action if your projects include a lot of subprojects. You can download it from launchpad.net.

He's also created and made available example projects and a 'unit testing' project for the action.

I have to comment on one other comment in the post that gave me a good laugh.

"Initially I had resisted [FinalBuilder] because I thought it might be too easy."

We've previously heard from devs who are hesitant to try a visual tool because of fears that it may restrict what you can automate, but I've never heard of someone avoiding FB because it might make automating builds too easy!

Suma, a frustrated stackoverflow member, recently asked "what other teams do when someone breaks the build?"

The answers, including photo evidence, were definitely some of the more humourous I've seen on stackoverflow.

I think I prefer Jeff Atwood's penance of doughnuts over physical foam assault and humiliation, but that's just because of my sweet tooth and not my kindheartedness.

Penance of doughnuts - Jeff Atwood

 Image source: Jeff Atwood on stackoverflow.com

If you fear being the target of a Nerf assault, perhaps FinalBuilder Server can help with its Build Responsibility flag. By taking responsibility for fixing the build you can mitigate the wrath of angry team members.

Kirk Marple, the Chief Software Architect at RadiantGrid Technologies, contacted me recently to find a contractor to help set up RadiantGrid's build process. If you're a FinalBuilder expert and available in Janurary 2009 why not contact Kirk?

You can learn more about the position in Kirk's forum post here.

If you aren't available in January, but are a FinalBuilder professional who would like to offer your skills in future, please also contact us so we can keep you up to date when positions like these become available.

The Accentient Blog provided an interesting post recently comparing Team Foundation Build and FinalBuilder. It was great to see them offer an unbiased insight in to the distinctive advantages of each of these tools and it's worth a read if you're using or planning to use one or both.

We've had plenty to say over the years about the relationship between FinalBuilder and TFS/MSBuild/Team Foundation Build. Naturally, we have a slight bias toward one of the tools, but if you're interested in learning more about combining the two, check out:

Finally, I must disagree with just one of Accentient's statments. The final line read:

As Team Foundation Build matures, it will likely provide a feature parity competitor to FinalBuilder, but it has some catching up to do.

As Team Foundation Build matures, it may begin to provide feature parity with FinalBuilder 5 or even 6. However, by then we'll be on to FB 7 or FB 8 and we have every intention of making sure these future versions will offer unique and useful features. Team Foundation Build will always have some catching up to do with FinalBuilder.

If you want to automate the deployment of ClickOnce apps in FinalBuilder, Dennis van der Stelt has posted an excellent tutorial on bloggingabout.net.

Check it out and if you have any questions, contact us for help.