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I am officially a build junkie. I love the automation. I love how quickly I can check-in new code and have the build process get me a fresh, working copy of everything in seconds.

Mike Gunderloy over at Larkware has just reviewed FinalBuilder 5! :)

A dead GUID

Yeah, we all know the jokes about killing GUIDs (ie. creating them for no reason), and I just happened to need another GUID a few minutes ago

Windows Powershell

Was just reading Arno Nel's blog, and he reminded me about Windows Powershell. All of us here had a look at Powershell a few weeks back

Patrick Philippot, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), owner of MainSoft and independent consultant, talks about how FinalBuilder allowed him to automate his build process and integrate multiple configurations, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes.

Daily Grind 1000

Congratulations to Mike Gunderloy over at Larkware... he's up to the 1000th Daily Grind

FinalBuilder 5 is out!

It's been almost a year in the making, but today is the day - FinalBuilder 5 is released

It seems that links I post on my blog get screwed up in the rss feed... sorry... :(

FileSets are cool. We introduced them in FinalBuilder 4 but in FinalBuilder 5 we've made them natively supported by more actions

We've added two actions to FinalBuilder 5 to manipulate image files (ie. JPEG, GIF, etc)