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I just spent the better part of 3 days trying to find out why the FinalBuilder IDE was not resizing properly on my machine. I have Windows Vista Business X64 on my machine, and found that code that worked perfectly on XP was not working on Vista.

CruiseControl.NET version 1.3 now ships with an integrated FinalBuilder Task. No more need for a plugin.

An observation about the .NET Just-In-Time compiler and the resolution of Assembly references. It's a fairly simple observation, but it came as a surprise to me.

All of FinalBuilder and Automise's data is available to you via XML, if you need to dig around in it.

If you're coding for .NET to run on 32- and 64-bit architectures, there are a bunch of "gotchas" when it comes to the different versions of the CLR.

All about updating FinalBuilder for Windows Vista

A day of releases today. FinalBuilder 5.5 is released today, and so is our newest product, FinalBuilder Server

HelpMaster Pro

PRD Software is a Canberra based company, just like VSoft, and they develop excellent help desk software.

PNG Compression

After reading Getting the Most Out of PNG on Coding Horror... I thought I'd give it a go.

The job market (well, at least in Canberra and Australia) is generally pretty, ummm... tight. Good for people looking for jobs, but we're finding it hard to find a sales and marketing person.