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I just spent the better part of 3 days trying to find out why the FinalBuilder IDE was not resizing properly on my machine. I have Windows Vista Business X64 on my machine, and found that code that worked perfectly on XP was not working on Vista. After many hours of debugging our source and the source to some third party components, I got nowhere.  I realised that I hadn't tested this on another Vista X64 machine, and sure enough... it worked fine on another machine.

My first thought was to update my video drivers, and after rebooting and logging in to the machine, it seems the problem was resolved. However, as I was sitting there, resizing the window of my test application, the problem suddenly re-appeared! Since there were other applications still starting up at the time, it became a process of elimination.

The culprit is Logitech SetPoint, which came with my Wireless keyboard & mouse (which I no longer use as they died when the office was flooded). Close SetPoint, and my test app (and FinalBuilder and Automise) resize properly. Start it up again and the problem is back.

Since find the cause, we have tested on Vista 64 bit, Vista 32bit, XP 64 bit and XP 32bit. The problem only shows on 64 bit versions of windows.  I suspect this issue is one that Jordan Russell talks about here :


So to sum up, if you see applications not resizing or not painting properly when resizing on 64 bit windows, see whether you have Logitech SetPoint running or not.


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angus 16 years ago

We've recently seen this problem again, exhibited as FinalBuilder 6 crashing on resize under x64 Windows. It seems there is still a conflict between Logitech Setpoint and Finalbuilder on x64 Windows.

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