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The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has only been out a few hours, but we're already getting questions about it. 

In our limited testing, FinalBuilder 8 and Automise 5 run fine.

I've only been running the Fall Update for a few hours, but so far I have not noticed any issues. The applications I use daily all run fine. 

The "Windows 10 Creators Update" (ie the one before the Fall Update - stupid release naming imho) broke the Delphi debugger when using runtime packages. Aparently the issue was caused by a library loader optiimisation, not taking into account that dll's can have multiple import tables. I never did see a full explaination or acknowledgement of the problem from Microsoft.

This only affected the debugger (all native code debuggers, not just Delphi), which would load and unload each dll many times (based on the number of imports, for FinalBuilder's core package, it was in the hundreds). Sometimes the application would launch, only for the debugger to crash, sometimes it would just hang, sometimes the Delphi IDE would get out of memory errors. 

For me, this was a big issue, since FinalBuilder and Automise use runtime packages. This affected all versions of Delphi, even the latest 10.2 (Tokyo). Embarcadero did eventually ship an update to 10.2 that mostly resolved the problem (not an easy thing as it involved major linker changes), but that didn't help us as we're using an older version (for reasons I won't go into here!).

So since April 2017, I've been really hamstrung when it comes to debugging. Fortunately we discovered the issue before the Creators Update was installed on our other Delphi development machines (and it's a been a constant battle with windows update nagging to install it ever since) so we were still able debug, just not on my dev machine. Frustrating to say the least. 

The good news is that the Fall Update (mostly) fixes the problem.  I still see some dlls/packages getting unloaded and reloaded again, but the application launches and I can debug. 

As far as windows functionality in the Fall Update goes, well the Task Manager has a new GPU section on the performance tab which is mildly interesting, but since I don't use a Pen, or wear a VR headset while working, I'm not noticing much to get excited about. Hopefully, it's just a lot of bug fixes and performance enhancements, minus the show stoppers!! 

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