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EDIT: CruiseControl.NET version 1.3 now ships with an integrated FinalBuilder Task. No more need for a plugin.


A few people have been enjoying this for a while, but you can now download an installer for the FinalBuilder CruiseControl.NET plugin. The plugin makes FinalBuilder available as a CruiseControl.NET build engine for continuous integration. The plugin is free, and works with both FinalBuilder 3 and 4 (although FB 3 users will need the Professional Edition.)

The current version of the plugin is for CruiseControl.NET 1.0, and we will make sure it keeps up to date with the current stable release.


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Angus 13 years ago


Support for FinalBuilder is built-in to CC.NET 1.3! I posted about this on the forums, but I forgot to update the blog post:


- Angus

Nick 13 years ago

Are there any plans to release a plugin for CC.Net 1.3?

The reason I ask is because we are trying to access the CCNetLabel property created by CC.net from FinalBuilder. We can do it in nAnt but not in FB. Could it be because the latest version of the plugin is for CC.Net 1.2 and we are using version 1.3?


Tate 14 years ago

Hi uzi,

The latest builds support CC.Net 1.1, see here:

uzi 14 years ago

Hey and thanks for a great plugin. It would be really great if you could make it work with CC.Net 1.1. There is a compability problem with the NetReflector.dll version as it is now.


Uzi Landsmann

espen albrektsen 14 years ago

Excellent work - however I miss one feature.
When I run FinalBuilder as an exec task - CCNet autmatically make the CCNetBuildLabel, CCNetProject and CCNetWorkingDirectory available as environment variables.

When I run my project as a FinalBuilder task - these are not available. Any chance of adding this in?


Espen Halsaa Albrektsen

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